Live Illustration for THRIVE at Music Room


Last week, the very slick n’ sauve Ethan Auguste asked me if I’d like to illustrate live for the season re-launch of Thrive. I have to say, I jumped at the chance to be part of it!

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Thrive, it is a series of industry nights managed by Ethan Enterprises. It’s specifically for us bright young things to sparkle in all fields of fashion, art, music and entertainment. A perfect setting to network in a chilled out, youthful and bohemian ambience.


As much as I love events, I’ll admit that sometimes the art/gallery scene in Dubai can have a tendancy to get a little “stuffy” and “uppity.” What I like so much about Thrive is it’s refreshingly open and friendly with a warm atmosphere. Everyone is very welcoming, and game for a lively little chat with no airs or reservations and just upfor a good old fashioned night out. I have to say that it was so interesting to see the sheer variation of people from creative fields at this event. From graffiti artists to Saudi hip hop musicians to hypnotherapists – there was never a dull moment!





Presenting the event was the very sexy and sassy host Sheena Kay from Radio one. She introduced a myriad of talented musicians for the evening and, I have to say, her bubbly banter and incredible singing voice was the icing on the cake! She was styled by West L.A who were also there promoting their fabulous outfits.



Speaking of fabulous outfits – Kanztee were there too. Ofcourse that is expected seeing as they are such a trendy young brand – it’s typical of them to be always one step ahead and hot on the trail of happening arty events!


As for me, I was at the back of the room in my own world – drawing up a storm whilst soaking up the amazing environment! I wanted to create something moody for the evening in a spectrum of blues. I opted to illustrate a fashionable and chic cocktail party.





And this is how it turned out …



I hope to see you at the next Thrive event. It really is a wonderful energy and worth checking out. I definetley think Dubai needs more events like this!

Viva la Revolution!

All images courtesy of The Studio. Link to more of their work is below