H&M Spring/Summer Launch at Meydan Beach Club


Granted it’s never COLD here in Dubai per se … but it does get pretty chilly in Winter!

But now those days are over, as the balmy days of Spring are creeping around the corner … and it’s time to trade in your blazers for some floatier bohemian-style maxis! H&M have just the right collection to ensure you are lookin’ hot in the humidity!



On February 5th, I visited the gorgeous Meydan Beach Club to investigate the new H&M Spring/Summer launch. (Yes, that’s right..I said investigate…because I’m a fashion detective.)


Although this collection is clearly bohemian, it’s by no means predictable as the tone is full of variation and therefore difficult to define in one word.

It’s tough yet playful, androgynous but adorable and contemporary yet still very feminine with its ruffles, patchwork, embroidery and dreamy vintage voile dresses. I felt like Alice in Wonderland as I browsed through the racks. Curiouser and curiouser ….


A hotchpotch of fascinating fabrics which include suede, leather, fake fur, cotton and broken up with tough metallic leather. My favorite feature about this collection was the definitely sense of mystical elements such as the oversized chunky jewelry and the belts along with the graphic-print dresses covered in fortune teller motifs. That’s something unique that I’ve not seen before and I really liked that magical theme continued throughout!





The colour palette is interesting too, because it’s quite neutral and wearable with colours like mocha and cream mixed with edgy metallics and eye-catching prints to break it up. The oversized tassels were another feature which I quite liked. I feel like that combined with the suede fabric, flashes of animal print and crafty little touches like fringing and patchwork reminded me a bit of Navajo design that has been transformed into something contemporary and slick.




The room was completely flooded by light from the beach. A perfect venue. Check out the photos!





My outfit was a complete contrast to all this floaty dreamyness – I was kind of inspired by Diane Keaton in Annie Hall; I wore an oversized rust coloured androgynous blazer with nautical stripes completed with black brogues with gold fleur de lis motifs on them.


Here are some of the looks illustrated by me!




After the launch, I enjoyed soaking up the afternoon rays on the beach at JBR.

photo (7)

Who says you can’t combine business with pleasure? 😉

Live drawing for Dune London event at Meydan Beach


Shoes and the beach. My two most favorite things! Any event that combines these is good in my book. And that’s precisely what Apparel Group did on the 28th of Jan, when they hosted an exclusive launch event for Dune shoes London at the luxurious Meydan Beach in JBR. Just look at all those gorgeous shoes and handbags! Mon Dieu!!! C’est magnifique, n’est pas?



I was there to do some live sketching of all the guests’ sophisticated and colourful outfits. The weather was glorious with the sunlight flooding the room through the large glass windows. Check out that splendid view of the beach!



You’d think it would make sense to dress in something breezy and summery … but you know how I abhor being predictable! 🙂 Since I was feeling quite Mary Quant that day, I went for a Missoni-esque print minidress in mossy, rusted Autumn hues and some high-heeled boots to finish off that 60s leggy Twiggy vibe I was trying to channel!

Gettin Twiggy with it. Na-na-na-na-na-nana

Gettin Twiggy with it. Na-na-na-na-na-nana

Time was not my friend that day. I only had a couple of precious minutes to paint out each outfit and there were close to fifty guests in total! Fortunately though, I had the figures photocopied in advance which were bare and bald, so I could just concentrate on the outfits and hair on the day itself. Pretty organized eh?! Just like Neil Buchanan’s trademark phrase from Art Attack – “Here’s something I made earlier!”






Surprisingly, it was not as stressful as I thought it would be. The weather and beachy air was so relaxing so it really put me in a great mood as I sketched away busily in the corner!


Here are some happy customers!



One lady had a cute idea of wanting an illustration with her baby. This is how it turned out!


Apparel Group also wanted a souvenir of the whole team in a group illustration.



On a separate note, today is Valentine’s day! Now, SOME people complain that Valentine’s day is commercial. Riiiight. As if the rest of the holidays like Christmas and Easter are COMPLETELY commercial free, consumer free AND 100% authentic (?) hmm…*skeptical eyebrow raise*

This may be a very controversial statement to make but – In my opinion and in my experience… guys who complain about V-day are often the “Cheap Charlies” who are reluctant to splurge for their love ones!!! So, cmon fellas. Show your lady what you are made of!!!! Give into it.

As for those ladies who single … then it’s even MORE important to celebrate it! You can either choose to wallow in self-pity by watching Jerry Maguire’s “you complete me” scene for the umpteenth time with your cats and Ben and Jerrys, or you can round up your other single girls and drive to Jabel Hafeet for a spa weekend. As an empowered single girl myself, guess which option I will be doing? 😉

Single or taken, here’s wishing everyone a very blissful, happy and magical Valentine’s day!