Recent Editorial Illustrations

It’s been a good few months for editorials, live drawing and all around new experiences! For instance, I was approached by Jumeirah Magazine to create a illustrated map for their new travel feature on Dubai Rome and Shanghai! This was quite a challenging project and we went through many options and variations. Initially, they wanted underground metro maps of Shangai and Rome in the background underneath the illustration. My first draft was a map a sort of bird’s eye view like so –


and the Dubai illustration –


After a bit of debate, we experimented with some other options. They wanted the illustration to appear more compartmenalized, and more of a moody colour scheme and so we tried out something in indigo hues, and added lots of boxes to seperate the buildings. Resulting in this



It still wasn’t looking quite right, so we decided to ditch the Dubai illustration altogether (aww …sad face) and concentrate on just the two. I was really going beserk and running out of ideas at this point so I decided to throw something crazy into the mix with a multi coloured version (you never know…?!!!)


and a sepia version …


After none of these were approved I threw them ALL out and started afresh. This time, instead of a typical “map” like appearance, I chose to interpret it more like a landscape watercolour sketch. They really liked these ones and thats what got chosen in the end for the article. Here’s how the finished piece looks in the article

Jumeirah magazine March 2013 2

jumeirah magazine March 2013


In April, I received a design brief from Abu Dhabi based luxury and fashion magazine, Masquerade Magazine. They are a bi-monthly publication and they needed a fashion illustration to go with an article about the pressures and constraints of living in a conservitave Arab society. For this, we needed something poignant, artistic and with a certain atmosphere to go with the tone of the article.

This was the first draft


and a variation of a small huddle of women in the background. This was to give an added feeling of isolation.


But since her expression looked too sad, so I made a new illustration for the article, without the women in the background. This is the final piece