‘Tis the season to be arty, Falalalala lalalala ….


Not only is February the official month of love, but it’s also proving to be quite a glorious time for art aficionados like myself.

There are tonnes of interesting art events and exhibitions going on right now. I’ve been keeping busy doing my usual gallery hopping and last week I went to see two great shows with extremely different tones.

My friend Deama had invited me to come to an exhibition called Fakie #3 which she was participating in.


Opening night of Fake#3 at FN Designs

Opening night of Fake#3 at FN Designs

Fakie #3 was held at FN designs at Al Serkhal Avenue. Every artist participating at this show had been given a blank skateboard to use as their canvas and they were to illustrate their signature style on it.

The end results were so amazing as there was so much variation in subject matter in the collection. For instance, some artists went for patterns, others opted for sketching animals. A few skateboards had been adorned with beautiful, romantic, art nouveau style illustrations with flowing hair and exaggerated manga-esque eyes.

Liz Ramos

Liz Ramos

Joseph Manata

Joseph Manata

Azim Al Ghussein

Azim Al Ghussein

H.H. Sheikha Wafa Hasher Al Maktoum

H.H. Sheikha Wafa Hasher Al Maktoum

The mood for the evening was chilled out, vibrant and fun. In keeping with the theme, they even had a skateboard ramp built outside to get your “skillz on”

Oh, and the canapes!!! Sushi, salmon and shawermas…Oh my!!!!!

I certainly enjoyed noshing on those while browsing through the “totally bodacious boards!!!”

(That last phrase has to be read in a voice like Michelangelo the ninja turtle, please.)

group shot of participating artists

group shot of participating artists

Almost a Dream opening night

Almost a Dream opening night

Moving along, another exhibition I was very eager to see was Safwan Dahoul’s solo show “Almost a Dream” held at Ayyam gallery in DIFC.

The critically acclaimed Syrian painter has created a soulful and poignant series of paintings in muted monochrome shades.



Inspired by his colour palette, I dressed in monochrome just for the occasion!

photo (4)

There’s elements in his work which are inspired ancient Pharaonic art. An example of this is how he incorporates a distinctive almond shaped Eye of Horus symbol shown repeatedly in his pieces. He uses reoccurring figures such as angels and a soft female form to narrate his ideas.



The themes he deals with in his work have a melancholy tone as he generally centers around war, tragedy and the inhumane conditions civilians have to go through in his home country in Syria.



Dahoul attempts to bring out the in the viewer the same feeling of pain that is experienced in his own being. His evocative work is open to interpretation and hence, very engaging and personal to the viewer. So much so that I found some of his paintings really did trigger an emotional chord with me.


“Almost a Dream” is on display at DIFC until the 13th of March.

More Fashion Week Illustrations

More Fashion Week Illustrations

Here are some more of my favorite looks from various shows at Fashion Week this year.

Ellie Saab stole the show creating an extremely feminine collection.

The colour palette featured soft barely-there hues of sea green, nude, coral and lemon chiffon. Sheer, weightless, lighter-than air-fabrics wafted through the runway in an ethereal fashion.

The beadwork was subtle, fine and intricate with sequins in complementary tones that glistened tastefully on the runway. Barely-there dewy makeup and severe slicked back hair finished off the mythical and nymph-like look.

Another collection I really loved was Alexis Mabille. I adored the flamboyant and fun use of colour – A vast spectrum was revealed from citrus brights moving onto paler muted colours and even the odd metallic shade. The silhouettes ranged from sharp modern tailored dresses,including pencil skirts and trouser suits, to floatier chiffon ensembles.

Eccentric enormous tissue roses adorned the models’ heads and matching face paint gave a surreal weird-and-wonderful vibe. Accessorized with brightly colored gloves and bow ties, this show was lively, vibrant, creative and downright groovy!

Here's another cool outfit from Marc Jacobs fall 2012. Love the eclectic mesh of textures and oversized fur hat!

Beautiful champagne tulle gown from Marchesca, with contrasting teal floral embroidery on bodice.