‘Twas the night before Christmas …


Even though I’ve been raised a Muslim, I still love celebrating all festive holidays and there’s something about Christmas in particular that is so enchanting. Don’t get me wrong, Eid is nice too – but we don’t have nearly as many sparkly looking props as you guys do !!!

I adore christmas lights, gift wrap, gingerbread, glitter, hot chocolate, shop window displays … yep… the WORKS!

Everything but the miserable winter weather .. I draw the line at grey skies and snow …no need to be THAT authentic! Therefore, I appreciate Christmas even MORE as a spectator from the sunshine soaked city of Dubai sans Seasonal Affective Disorder.

So in the spirit of my homeboy Saint Nick, I decided to give out illustrated Christmas cards this year to my clients. I made two designs. One is very couture inspired and has a hint of festive cheer with a Hollywood floor-sweeping red gown complete with a Gatsby-esque headpiece. (Because If you can’t wear that at Christmas .. I don’t know when you can!)


For the other one, I wanted to convey a little bit more of a Winter Wonderland atmosphere and nothing says Christmas like Moscow in December. (It’s on my wanderlust list, y’know.)


I’ve also been making some illustrated calenders this year for my favorite clients. These are small enough to fit on your desktop and I added cute arty easels to go with them. Here’s some photos of how they turned out.


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august copy


I hope everyone has an amazing magical year ahead. One where dream jobs are discovered, travel plans are in full swing, taste buds are tantalised, dream shoes are bought and soulmates are met.

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!