Chanel Cruise Show Illustrations

Just incase you have been living under a rock and hadn’t heard – the Chanel Cruise Fall show took place in Dubai recently.


It was held on an exclusive luxurious island just off the coast which was made JUST for the occasion.


If my tone appears to read tinged with an ever-so-slight tone of bitterness, it’s because I AM still rather sore I did not attend. (super exclusive invite only!)



Oh well! I’m over it!! All is fair in love and fashion 🙂

Now that I’ve got my emotional trauma behind me (!) Let’s talk about the collection …

The level of luxury and opulence at this show reminded me a lot of Karl Lagerfeld’s interpretation of India is his pre fall 2012 collection. (One of my favorites!)

Similarly, this one was also very lavish and plush but with a very sophisticated 1001-Nights/ Arabesque twang to it.

I liked the contemporary tailoring contrasted with the fluid billowing shapes such as the harem pants and elegant flowing tunics with ethnic shoes. Tres Aladdin!



The signature tweed textures made cameos, both in light variations and more stronger monochrome tones. I was particularly enchanted by the folksier prints in sheer chiffon kaftans. I also loved the tribal embroidered fabric (Bedouin inspired, perhaps?)






It wasn’t all soft and demure, though. For instance, I appreciated the odd lamé metallic trouser thrown into the mix; unexpected and added edge!


MOST of ALL I loved those AWESOME bejewelled moons.

They added such a wonderful ethereal, exotic touch, especially paired with the models’ smouldering, sultry eye make up!


The gorgeous fabrics and textures stirred up some creativity inside me. Here are some fashion illustrations I created of the show.






Fashion Week 2013 – My top choices illustrated!

Ahhhh! My favorite time of year! Where my newsfeed is bombarded by a smogasbord of delectable and delightful couture imagery from fashion week all over the world. If Spring is thought to be the season of love, Fall is surely reserved solely for the LOVE… of fashion!!! I’m convinved Cupid is pointing his arrow at me from all directions as I am in LOVE with everything I’m seeing! From Valentino’s regal collection to Mary Katranzou’s digital prints, I am spoilt for choice about what to illustrate!

Let’s start with Anna Sui’s stunning collection inspired by Pre-Raphaelites from NYFW. I love the contrast of beautiful textures. From heavy crochet and velvet to lighter printed chiffons, it’s oozing with variation and interest. I particularly like the rich splashes of teal and emerald juxtaposed with sandy nudes and neutrals. The hippie headpieces give it an very bohemian and youthful touch!


Chanel’s ready to wear collection featured its signature tweeds we all know and love, but with a new twist. It has been said that Karl Lagerfield was inspired by art this season, particularly Jeff Koons and the Art Basel. All the ensembles had a very raw, artistic appearence. I love these outfits – the zing of bright florescent pinks and the make up and hair is almost doll-like and kawaii mixed with a kind of cyber element to it – particularly the rainbow theatrical eye make up.


Speaking of cyber, this is also what came into my mind when I saw these BREATHTAKING pieces by Peter Pilotto at LFW. His use of gorgeous washes of coloured brights with structured, oragami-like, stiff silhouettes and floral applique were both beautiful and futuristic. In fashion, so many collections take inspiration from the past. We’ve seen it all with 40’s Film Noir, the Gatsby Era and 70’s flower power reoccuring over and over so it’s very refreshing to see a completley new and innovative interpretation which is both wearable and ahead of it’s time. It’s like something Judy Jetson would wear to the prom!


Now, I love me a nice jumpsuit and Matthew Williamson’s collection featured a plethora of uber cool ones…and then some. The graphic floral print on this one is laid back with a Farah-Fawcett vibe. The whole collection was a mixture of feminine vs buisiness-like, with diaphanous fabrics and floral prints, mixed with sharp cool-as-ice contemporary tailoring.


I adore this look from Burberry Prorsum. The clash of prints and the striking red and black! The model is really working it!


I like to save the best for last! Elie Saab which I always rave about!!! In this collection from Paris fashion Week, I loved the beautiful floral prints on chiffon. Very oriental and reminded me a bit of Japanese silk painting. Timeless, pure, simple and elegant.


That concludes my favorite looks from fashion week! Hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned because I will be illustrating my favorite looks from Harper’s Bazaar Arabia soon, followed by Fashion Forward to give you an idea of what’s going on from OUR side!