Chanel Cruise Show Illustrations

Just incase you have been living under a rock and hadn’t heard – the Chanel Cruise Fall show took place in Dubai recently.


It was held on an exclusive luxurious island just off the coast which was made JUST for the occasion.


If my tone appears to read tinged with an ever-so-slight tone of bitterness, it’s because I AM still rather sore I did not attend. (super exclusive invite only!)



Oh well! I’m over it!! All is fair in love and fashion 🙂

Now that I’ve got my emotional trauma behind me (!) Let’s talk about the collection …

The level of luxury and opulence at this show reminded me a lot of Karl Lagerfeld’s interpretation of India is his pre fall 2012 collection. (One of my favorites!)

Similarly, this one was also very lavish and plush but with a very sophisticated 1001-Nights/ Arabesque twang to it.

I liked the contemporary tailoring contrasted with the fluid billowing shapes such as the harem pants and elegant flowing tunics with ethnic shoes. Tres Aladdin!



The signature tweed textures made cameos, both in light variations and more stronger monochrome tones. I was particularly enchanted by the folksier prints in sheer chiffon kaftans. I also loved the tribal embroidered fabric (Bedouin inspired, perhaps?)






It wasn’t all soft and demure, though. For instance, I appreciated the odd lamé metallic trouser thrown into the mix; unexpected and added edge!


MOST of ALL I loved those AWESOME bejewelled moons.

They added such a wonderful ethereal, exotic touch, especially paired with the models’ smouldering, sultry eye make up!


The gorgeous fabrics and textures stirred up some creativity inside me. Here are some fashion illustrations I created of the show.





My fashion illustration Collaboration with Rami Kadi

Courtesy of Getty Images

Courtesy of Getty Images

As soon as I laid eyes on the “Le Gala Des Mysteres” collection last year, I developed a deep “designer crush” on Rami Kadi and his DIVINE ball gowns. The tulle, the embroidery, the beadwork – it’s honestly what dreams are MADE of.

Imagine my sheer delight when I got a call a few weeks ago from Rami Kadi Couture in Lebanon to say that they would be interested in doing an artistic collaboration with me for Fashion Forward this year!!

I was elated and couldn’t wait to get started!

I couldn’t share any information about the upcoming collection until it was over so it was QUITE a challenge keeping it schtum.

His theme for the show this year was fairy tales and his collection had strong French Rococo elements and took inspiration from the set design of the film Marie Antoinette. It consisted of beautiful Laduree inspired colours, opulence, indulgent fabrics, decadence and femininity.




To set the tone for his show, his idea was to print out actual illustrated mini story books which would be placed on all the seats at the runway. (800 to be exact!)

Screen shot 2014-04-14 at 2.21.25 AM

In addition to this, those same illustrations were going to be projected onto the screen of the catwalk show before it started and the story was to be narrated live in front of an audience.

Here’s how my final illustrations turned out!!








His catwalk show finally took place last night and it was such an exhilarating experience to see my illustrations projected onto the screen. I’m still totally buzzed from the show!

As for the collection itself, it was absolutely breathtaking. The models all wore these magnificent peony headpieces which really complemented the outfits and made it look even more theatrical and dramatic.

The embroidery was so ornate and the fabrics were plush and lavish especially the embossed damask motifs. I really liked the shade of gold he used in the collection. It wasn’t highly glossy or metallic – just a very pale subtle sheen which was far more flattering and sophisticated than straight up gold; especially combined with pale blue.

Courtesy of Getty Images

Courtesy of Getty Images

Although the colour scheme was mainly soft pastels, brighter sorbet shades were also included which broke up the collection, keeping it from being predictable and giving it a sense of bold freshness.

Courtesy of Getty Images

Courtesy of Getty Images

Even though the silhouettes were extravagant, they were all incredibly tasteful and well executed. I loved how luxurious and heavy the fabric looked, the way it trailed behind on the runway and how the fabric was draped. My favorite gowns were these two.

Courtesy of Getty Images

Courtesy of Getty Images

Courtesy of Getty Images

Courtesy of Getty Images

I cannot wait to draw them!!!

There’s MORE – I’ll be publishing an exclusive interview with the designer himself in the VERY next post to find out more about his design process and inspirations.

More information will be up on the blog in a jiffy!!! 🙂

Harvey Nichols vs Bloomingdales – Battle of the Boutiques


After Valentine’s day, many people feel a bit of a slump and experience a withdrawal in festivities.

After all, the glow of Christmas has passed, as has New Years and NOW all the romance of Valentine’s day has gone too. What IS there to look forward to now?


Catwalk shows, that’s what!!!!!

The Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales show just couldn’t have been timed better. Both scheduled at an otherwise rather uneventful tail end of February.

First up was Harvey Nichols, which was on the 17th and held at Medinat Jumeirah. The theme intrigued me as it was called “Light Up the Runway.”


I wondered what this meant…for isn’t a runway always lit up? I was curious about it, until I saw their gorgeous concept come to life.




Rather than the models just walking up and down a traditional runway, it was set up like just like a square and the models would walk from corner to corner and pose at different parts of the square– It looked like some kind of chic chessboard game that had come to life.

Then came the lights.


Light bulbs on invisible wire were slowly lowered down on the catwalk and the lights dimmed on and off throughout the show, giving the stage an ethereal otherworldly glow.

What I liked was how the lights always GRADUALLY dimmed and all at different times –it reminded me of the dancing lights of Aurora Borealis. Truly magical.


Check out the amazing couture and see for yourself!!!!


Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 12.26.41 AM

After the show, the staff cleared the stage, added tables and voila!!!! The catwalk had transformed into a party there! Within seconds, butlers were circulating the area passing around canapés and other delectable treats.


The Bloomingdales show was held on the 25th at DIFC, Gate Village.

It was held outdoors, making use of Dubai’s gloriously breezy weather we are having right now. As soon as we arrived, we noticed a red carpet and a photographer was eagerly papping away. Needless to say, we didn’t mind this one bit and channelled out inner Paris Hiltons!


What I really loved about this show was the way it had been cleverly set up!

Instead of having rows arranged traditionally, the whole catwalk was set up in a large circle around the iconic Gate monument, which was in the middle acting as a centerpiece. This made it one huuuuge circular catwalk and therefore only ONE row …making EVERYONE a front row guest!!! I really liked this idea! It was totally genius and very unique!



The clothes ranged from smart/casual ensembles, to quirky prints to gowns fit for Queen Rania.




I really enjoyed the after-party, too! It was honestly one of the BEST I have been to!


Partyin' with fellow art blogger Danna, of

Partyin’ with fellow art blogger Danna, of

And here’s a couple of illustrations I did of the Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales show.

Bloomingdales illustration

Bloomingdales illustration

Harvey Nichols show

Harvey Nichols show

Both shows fare extremely well.. I loved the stage, atmosphere and overall set up of Harvey Nichols, and the outfits and after party of Bloomingdales.

H&M Spring/Summer Launch at Meydan Beach Club


Granted it’s never COLD here in Dubai per se … but it does get pretty chilly in Winter!

But now those days are over, as the balmy days of Spring are creeping around the corner … and it’s time to trade in your blazers for some floatier bohemian-style maxis! H&M have just the right collection to ensure you are lookin’ hot in the humidity!



On February 5th, I visited the gorgeous Meydan Beach Club to investigate the new H&M Spring/Summer launch. (Yes, that’s right..I said investigate…because I’m a fashion detective.)


Although this collection is clearly bohemian, it’s by no means predictable as the tone is full of variation and therefore difficult to define in one word.

It’s tough yet playful, androgynous but adorable and contemporary yet still very feminine with its ruffles, patchwork, embroidery and dreamy vintage voile dresses. I felt like Alice in Wonderland as I browsed through the racks. Curiouser and curiouser ….


A hotchpotch of fascinating fabrics which include suede, leather, fake fur, cotton and broken up with tough metallic leather. My favorite feature about this collection was the definitely sense of mystical elements such as the oversized chunky jewelry and the belts along with the graphic-print dresses covered in fortune teller motifs. That’s something unique that I’ve not seen before and I really liked that magical theme continued throughout!





The colour palette is interesting too, because it’s quite neutral and wearable with colours like mocha and cream mixed with edgy metallics and eye-catching prints to break it up. The oversized tassels were another feature which I quite liked. I feel like that combined with the suede fabric, flashes of animal print and crafty little touches like fringing and patchwork reminded me a bit of Navajo design that has been transformed into something contemporary and slick.




The room was completely flooded by light from the beach. A perfect venue. Check out the photos!





My outfit was a complete contrast to all this floaty dreamyness – I was kind of inspired by Diane Keaton in Annie Hall; I wore an oversized rust coloured androgynous blazer with nautical stripes completed with black brogues with gold fleur de lis motifs on them.


Here are some of the looks illustrated by me!




After the launch, I enjoyed soaking up the afternoon rays on the beach at JBR.

photo (7)

Who says you can’t combine business with pleasure? 😉

‘Twas the night before Christmas …


Even though I’ve been raised a Muslim, I still love celebrating all festive holidays and there’s something about Christmas in particular that is so enchanting. Don’t get me wrong, Eid is nice too – but we don’t have nearly as many sparkly looking props as you guys do !!!

I adore christmas lights, gift wrap, gingerbread, glitter, hot chocolate, shop window displays … yep… the WORKS!

Everything but the miserable winter weather .. I draw the line at grey skies and snow …no need to be THAT authentic! Therefore, I appreciate Christmas even MORE as a spectator from the sunshine soaked city of Dubai sans Seasonal Affective Disorder.

So in the spirit of my homeboy Saint Nick, I decided to give out illustrated Christmas cards this year to my clients. I made two designs. One is very couture inspired and has a hint of festive cheer with a Hollywood floor-sweeping red gown complete with a Gatsby-esque headpiece. (Because If you can’t wear that at Christmas .. I don’t know when you can!)


For the other one, I wanted to convey a little bit more of a Winter Wonderland atmosphere and nothing says Christmas like Moscow in December. (It’s on my wanderlust list, y’know.)


I’ve also been making some illustrated calenders this year for my favorite clients. These are small enough to fit on your desktop and I added cute arty easels to go with them. Here’s some photos of how they turned out.


<img frontcover3






august copy


I hope everyone has an amazing magical year ahead. One where dream jobs are discovered, travel plans are in full swing, taste buds are tantalised, dream shoes are bought and soulmates are met.

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!

Khaleda Rajab, Fahad Almarzouq and Linda Farrow collaboration

Now, don’t get me wrong … I like elegance! I like it just as much as the next person BUT do you ever feel this constant regurgitated idea of presenting yourself elegantly can have a tendency to get a little … Unimaginative? Uninspired? Or worse…downright predictable?

The same Audrey-esque LBD , the same string of pearls, the same subtle accessories? I’ve recently been feeling a restless quench for something new and creative. Something fresh and innovative. Something that makes a statement. Something like THESE …


Now that’s unexpected!!!! If you are looking for statement sunnies that make you stand out from the crowd, look no further because I have the solution right here. It’s the brand new exclusive range of cat-eyed sunglasses by designers Fahad Almarzouqand and Khaleda Rajab. They have collaborated with Linda Farrow Gallery and on Thursday was the launch of the new collection at Eye boutique in Dubai Mall.


Both designers have a rather impressive repertoire. Khaleeda Rajab, originally from Kuwait had opened her own exclusive boutique named Khaleda Rajab Haute Couture a few years ago. She supplies her designs to international department stores such as Harvey Nichols, Saks fifth Avenue and 51 East. The designer dressed the likes of dancing with the stars Elisabetta Canalis and her couture was featured on the episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Over New York.

After immense success with his debut collection of menswear shoes, Fahad Almarzouqand then proceeded to start his own brand name HbyF Designs. Fahad’s next step was to release an exotic leather handbag collection in May 2012 at the well-known Alothman Boutique in Kuwait. In October 2012, he began retailing at Harvey Nichols in Kuwait. By January 2013, he released another handbag collection at Qatar’s premier luxury retailer 51 East and at Saks Fifth Avenue in Dubai and Bahrain.




Just like the sunglasses, the launch party was stylish and luxurious with a vibrant, youthful energy.



You know me – i love a good canape, and selection they had were delicious! Beautifully presented and I can assure you, they tasted just as good as they looked! Especially the octopus!



Even the cupcakes were fashionably attired, with their very chic cat-eyed frames!


I had a chat with the owner of Eye Boutique, Sanaz Saadat to find out more about the inspiration behind the collection and what exactly makes this range so special and fashion forward.



She mentioned that the detail was in the design – particularly the interpretation of the classic cat-eye style. This is the first time that a designer has separated and divided the lens into four, giving an extremely avant garde, futuristic twist which is both unique and attractive. They are handmade with a thin rounded double frame contour and pointy frame corners. Featuring a curved silhouette line, they include a top frame attached to acetate temples. The glasses are finished with the “Khaleda Rajab and Fahad Almarzouq” and the “Linda Farrow Gallery” logo printed on the inverted side of the temple.


And last but not least, here are some illustrations of mine. I decided to draw the designers themselves for this post because something drew me to their style. They look a bit like a group of extremely trendy, stylish students at an art college who have their own cool table at the cafeteria. Upon observing them, you can just tell they appear to be a cut above the rest. I just loved Fahad’s subtle metallic taupe blazer and Khaleda’s hat with her birdcage veil and red lips. She combines 90’s grunge with 40’s glamour perfectly!



I also wanted to show how the shades would look on my fashion illustrations. As you can see, paired with the right outfits they really really do make an unforgettable statement!


S*uce Micaroon Launch




I’m sure you’ve all heard the old fridge magnet phrase which goes something like “I’ve never met a chocolate I didn’t like.” Well … chocolates are okay, but I definitely have never “met” a S*uce party I didn’t like.

For instance, the S*uce in the Hood launch a couple of weeks ago was youthful, entertaining and an all round riot. (the good kind!) I really enjoyed the music, watching the break dancers’ smooth moves and not to mention sinking my teeth into the crisp cinnamon crunchyness of a perfectly baked churro. Ah .. magnifico!

I was truly stoked about this party in particular because my friend (and my very FIRST client) Rima Khoreibi was launching her very own make up line called Micaroons. The adorable brand name is derived from the fact that the make up cases are all shaped like Macaroons. They’re available in tiny little sizes in an assortment of pastel colours.



I’m sure in the past, you’ve cooed over how gorgeous your macaroon is and how it’s almost too pretty to eat. Well, now with Rima’s line, you can keep these cute Laduree-esque things and use as both a pretty memento AND a conveniently sized gloss that won’t bulk up your clutch on a night out! Perfect!

I went with my sister to the S*uce Micaroon launch at The Village Mall, Jumeirah to check out the new range and bask (unashamedly) in the warm glow of pink girlie-ness. They had me at “make-over.”



To paint you a little picture of the scene of the launch – there were snack trays full of citrus bright macaroons and edible white chocolate “lipsticks” (genius).


Felt a little weird chowing down on lipstick - but "YOLO!"

Felt a little weird chowing down on lipstick – but “YOLO!”

Ther was also some neon hair chalk for adding a flash of colour on your tresses without the commitment and stick-on tattoos, so you can get your inner suicide girl on. Will you just look at those “goods.”


Like two over-excited preteens at a fun fair, we couldn’t wait to try it all out! First, the hair. I went for dark violet shades on the tips of my burgundy hair whilst my sister opted for streaks of magenta ala Jem and the Holograms. Here’s some photos of the event and what mischief got up to that glorious afternoon.



Check out the tattoo!


Artistic AND delicious.



And the taste? Her face says it all.


And here she is, the hostess with the mostess, herself. Rima is very influenced by all things cute, quirky and “kawaii” and I loved her Japanese street style outfit she sported that day complete with beaded kitty ears! She really pulls it off with a kitsch flair!



And finally, here is an illustration I drew inspired by all the activity that went on at the make-up launch. Micaroons really is a brand that sticks in your head as something unique, pretty and with a child-like whimsical nostalgia that is just wonderful! Congrats on your launch, Rima! xoxo


Fashion Forward Illustrations


Only in Dubai can you wear electric blue pleated trousers to a casual trip to the mall and feel somewhat underdressed.

It’s what I love about the city. Others may whine that it’s superficial, flamboyant and OTT, but as a small town girl from Scotland who loved to play dress up and never quite fit in, I say over here La vie en Rose!

I love jumping into all the events this city has to offer with a hungry sense of fervour and gusto. My absolute favorite event being Fashion Forward. If you haven’t heard of Fashion Forward, you must be living under a rock. In a cave. In the desert. Across the sea.

Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 4.00.17 AM

Although it’s a relatively new event (the first Season started in April this year) the popularity of Fashion Forward has grown to epidemic proportions attracting glamazons from near and far like bees to honey. Not only are there sensational shows during the 4 day event, but extremely educational panel discussions and seminars from successful experts in the design and fashion industry.

Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 3.58.42 AM

The event is held at Medinat Jumeirah twice a year, and aside from the shows, seminars and snacks – it’s a great opportunity to take out that special little dress bashfully hiding in the corner of the wardrobe just waiting for just the right occasion to come out and play.

Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 3.59.27 AM

Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 4.54.13 PM

This year I have illustrated some outfits from my favorite collections and a brief summary of each.

The Dima Ayad show featured a striking Indian Summer colour palette mixed with monochrome aztec-like motifs. Rich shades of fuchsia, saffron and cerulean dominated the runway resulting in some gorgeous pieces including billowing silk trousers, and high low ruffled skirts. Wearable, eye-catching and bold – certainly not for wall flowers!


Pakistani designer Amira Haroon showed exemplary craftsmanship in her stunning collection. She used coloured lace innovatively with peekaboo cut-out design features, fringed detail and just the right about of crystal work paired with bejewelled sumptuous colours. I noticed her collection had a 20’s Gatsby-esque feel to it with the little feather details and make up and hair. Love!

The House of Fattam was another elegant collection, using rich shades with velvet and beautiful embroidery – particularly on the trousers (I’m totally coveting those and need to get a pair!)It was clear that the designers have drawn inspiration from Eastern culture judging by their attention to detail on the embroidery but fused the western design aesthetic in a wonderfully wearable, contemporary and creative way. The models were styled with interesting tribal like hairstyles and the overall look was ethereal yet exotic.


Ezra’s mesmerizing show included both the dramatically voluminous and the sleek and statuesque. Floor sweeping gowns in solid brights peppered with pearlescent accents sashayed the runway. Other top picks include figure hugging metallic dresses which gave the appearance of being carved straight from blocks of bronze and innovatively designed sculptural outfits made from a foam like material. All in all it was an amazing show with a gob smacking bridal piece de resistance.



Essa’s show had a Victorian feel to it with tea stained lace, brooches, bows and ruffles paired with diaphanous chiffon and textured floral embellishments. The collection started off in gothic dark tones like charcoal and black and later on moved into the most beautiful delicate colourful (painted?) printed dresses. It was classy, indulgent and just the right amount of bling!



Dina JSR’s collection had some great pieces that were interesting and some of the draped silhouettes almost had an origami delicate paper-thin feel to it. Her barely there muted coloured outfits in particular were stunning. I love the really subtle feather motif embroidery layered with delicate fabric. Very pretty and feminine!



Lastly, official title of “rock star of the fashion scene in Dubai” goes to Amato.

First of all, the que for his show got almost VIOLENT with pushing and shoving by eager and pushy fashion victims up to forty minutes prior to the show.

Hot and bothered, I settled down in my seat – huffy from my “traumatic” ordeal. What followed was nothing short of spectacular (and that’s an understatement). It was a unique twist of Marie Antoinette meets Memoirs of a Geisha with all the drama of Cirque du Soleil. The show was sensationally choreographed and felt more like performance art. The outfits were not only exciting and theatrical, but they were exquisitely beautiful too and successfully accomplishing both qualities can be very challenging, so kudos to the designer.


I could clearly see the origami-like structures juxtaposed with delicate tulle piled high high high in yards of volume. I was curious about the teddy bears attached to the back of each outfit which offered a kitsch-like element. Perhaps it symbolised childhood or purity?



The models did not just strut ..they performed…and in the most artistic entertaining and delightful way leading to a climactic showstopping finale. The excited appreciative murmurs from the audience said it all. As they say in Mortal Kombat…Flawless victory.

I couldn’t resist posting a little cheeky “look of the day” thing. Here’s photos of my sister and I enjoying the show.



And that concludes my article for Fashion Forward. I am now experiencing withdrawl symptoms and do not know what to do with my life now that it’s bereft from the from the exciting razzle dazzle of Fashion Forward. If you need me I shall be in the fetal position in my room rocking back and forth and dreaming of lace, crystal and tulle. *sob*

Harper’s Bazaar World of Fashion

For some, October conjures up memories of crisp cold air, crunchy sepia leaves and trick or treating on Halloween.

Well that’s all very cute, darling, but here in Dubai, we celebrate October with launch parties, hitting the beach and of course fashion, fashion and fashion!!!



As we bid an eager adieu to the slow, sleepy and sticky days of the summer, a plethora of popular outdoor venues re-open for the season. As the evenings get cooler and more pleasant, the Dubai social scene is once again in full swing with a myriad of events, particularly for fashion.

I always look forward to October – which features both Harper’s Bazaar fashion week and, more recently, Fashion Forward which is smack in the middle of the month. With the two events coming one after the other, it’s like Christmas coming early!

This year, Harper’s Bazaar had many notable attractions. International shoe designer Gianvito Rossi and Arab pop star Nancy Ajram both made appearances.


The Tommy Hilfiger show was smart and sophisticated with a preppy New England style feel to it. Bow ties and sweater vests made the men’s collection seem very American and frat boy-like. A spicy Autumn colour palette mixed with tactile textures such as heavy knits and leather dominated the runway with some interesting geometrical prints breaking it up.




The DKNY show was minimalist chic, juxtaposing solid brights against more neutral tones like charcoal, beige and black. The odd peep of houndstooth fabric in monochromatic shades kept the collection fresh alive and unexpected.





The label Salsa had a youthful,sexy and edgy collection, particularly the mixing of floral prints onto ensembles. It wasn’t all flowers and hearts, though, for it was toughened up by some pretty fierce leather pieces which gave it the perfect balance. Synonymous for their amazingly flattering jeans, their denim made appearances throughout the show – paired with a supermodel strut, of course.



90’s grunge sprung to mind when I saw Berksha’s collection, but with a twist of Hawaiian hibiscus floral prints. I loved the statement sweaters with catchphrases like OMG and FYI on them – maybe it’s a satirical play on social media.

Bebe’s collection featured glamorous gowns and animal print frequently reoccured. Personally, I’m not such a fan of leopard print, but what I did like was the gorgeous sleek jumpsuits and metallic maxi dresses.

Lastly, Etoile la boutique’s collection was by far, my favorite. Gorgeous textures, exquisite beadwork and dramatic silhouettes fit for the red carpet. I particularly loved this metallic one, which seemed to be the piece de resistance for me. Contrasting a heavier crinkled fabric with lighter delicate tulle and the mixing of steely gunmetal with a greenish tone of gold. Who said you couldn’t wear gold and silver together? Judging by this piece of art, rules were meant to be broken!



Here are a few outfits I illustrated from Harper’s Bazaar fashion week. As usual, the event was a treat for my eyes and a fabulous start to my Fall!





All photographs courtesy of ITP images.

Gianvito Rossi Event


They say a woman can conquer the world – provided she’s wearing the right shoes!

I, (along with most women I suspect) am guilty of being somewhat of a high-heel hoarder. You know The Little Mermaid and her 20 thingamambobs? Yeah … I can relate!

Anyhoo …so when I found out that famous Italian shoe designer Gianvito Rossi was coming to Dubai as part of the Harper’s Bazaar Fashion Week line up, I was just a tad ecstatic!! Even more so when I was asked to illustrate live at the in-store after party event at Harvey Nichols Dubai.


To start off the evening, Gianvito Rossi was first interviewed by Harper’s Bazaar Arabia editor-in-chief Louise Nichol on stage at Mall of Emirates in front of an audience. He spoke a little bit about his experiences in Dubai, what his thoughts were of the glamour of Middle Eastern women and a bit about his new collection. His designs are known to be sleek and contemporary yet feminine and functional.


His signature speciality are the patent leather and perspex heels (also known as the plexi pump) which are the most sought-after design from his collections. It’s very cleverly designed so it highlights part of the arch of the foot in a sexy flattering way, giving the illusion of elongated legs – just perfect for the days where you yearn to stroll around in your skinnies feeling like Gisele Bundchen! Mr Rossi had mentioned that he had designed a selection of 3 perspex heels in metallic shades exclusively for Dubai, which is what the in-store event was all about.


I was told to illustrate the event as it was happening and basically capture the general ambience. It was a glamorous exclusive affair, with the glitterati of Dubai stopping by to nibble on canapes whilst having an impromptu chat with the man of the hour himself.


I was inspired by, not just the shoes, but the beautiful outfits the immaculately polished guests were wearing. The party was sprinkled with women in metallic knits to high low pleated skirts to peplums – decisions decisions! I had to work very fast as there was only an hour and a half to draw, so I went for a more abstract illustration, with washes of colour and finally, inked in with a dark pen.







Here’s the finished illustration!



During the event, one of the guests won a personalised illustration of herself by me as a prize. Here’s how it turned out!


My illustration is still displayed at Harvey Nichols’ shoe department where you can see it just chillin’ on an easel.



Personally, I have been coveting Aennis Eunis shoes for a while, but after seeing Gianvito’s super-sleek black plexi pump, I’ve discovered I have a brand new shoe crush!!! Hey! No judging my extravagant vice!! Atleast they’re cheaper than diamonds…