Street Style/The Garden at Fashion Forward

Every time I attend Fashion Forward, I find myself getting more and more impressed by the way people dress in Dubai!

Street style really inspires me a lot – especially in my illustrations. I thought I would add a personalised twist to the blog by just taking a moment to highlight some of the best looks I spotted this season!!

Y’know … “REAL beauty from REAL women.” Kinda like the Dove campaign (only less cheesy and condescending!!)

Creative or eccentric, quirky or classic – here’s to all you gorgeous Dubai stylistas out there who are not afraid to sparkle!







Screen shot 2014-04-14 at 8.42.24 PM


ootd - Michael Kors dress with Nihal Basha clutch

ootd – Michael Kors dress with Nihal Basha clutch



The Garden


Initially when Fashion Forward started, regional designers just had a small shop in the corner to showcase their work.

Since season two, the concept has evolved a great deal! The Garden is an open area situated at Fashion Forward with collections of booths and stalls dedicated to accessory designers.


As it is, I am a total magpie when it comes to accessories and jewellery stalls happen to be my Achilles heel!! I can spend hours exploring touristy souks and checking out bits and bobs so The Garden is one of my favorite parts of Fashion Forward!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces I found this year.

Yalla …let’s browse!

photo (13)

photo (15)

Maria Iqbal’s pop art clutches will always hold a fashionable space in my heart. This talented furniture designer creates THE most unique, humorous and wonderfully tongue in cheek pieces! The style is very Warhol and the colours are bold, trippy and acidic and I like her regional satire. I just LOVE this “I swear upon Prada” clutch.

photo (14)

It gets even BETTER. This year she extended her signature style of painting onto actual garments! Just a couple of limited edition pieces which I am TOTALLY coveting. I was ITCHING to try them on and so I abducted this sexy little leather/tulle number for a little while.



A lot of designers get on the pop art trend bandwagon but I find that Maria Iqbal’s accessories just exude cool.

Azza Bijou’s jewellery designs are beautiful, strong and intricate and I love her Arabesque influences. She’s constantly inspired by the timeless and artistic majesty of Islamic geometry, but every year she keeps her collections fresh with new ideas and themes.


This season she was inspired by a warrior princess theme and collaborated with Taller Marmo supplying the jewellery for his catwalk show.

Screen shot 2014-04-14 at 10.03.04 PM



If you haven’t heard of Nathalie Trad clutches, (as they say in Mean Girls) I’m sorry but “you can’t sit with us.”

Nathalie Trad clutches

Nathalie Trad clutches


Just like Azza, geometric form is a strong element and she complements this by using exquisite materials like luxurious mother of pearl. Her signature is this amazing trademark lattice effect on top of most of her clutches, but this season she is branching away from that and her shapes have transitioned into sharper and more futuristic forms.


I then wandered over to “Sarah’s Bags,” where these rather splendid Lichtenstein inspired purses caught my eye.

There are even clutches that look like shawermas!!! How ADORABLE are THESE??!?!?!


There are even clutches that look like manakish!!! How ADORABLE is that??!?!?! They even have paper wrapping. They look SO real that I can almost taste the so-good-but-so-bad salty cheeseyness.


Sparkly and sassy, I love the catchphrase in particular! I think every once-lovestruck girl can relate to it. Why not turn your battle scars into a fashion statement?! As well as looking awesome it’s a great reminder to always keep your position and dignity intact next time around!!!!


That about wraps it up! Filled to the brim with style, fashion AND talent, there is never a dull moment here at FF!


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