Australian Themed illustrated backdrop

In March, I was asked by Dubai-based event company Dot the i’s to illustrate a massive photobooth backdrop for an Australian/Arab couple.


The bride and groom had met in Australia so since the place was very nostalgic to them, they wanted an Australian touch to the wedding! Something fun for the guests and since photobooths and poloroids are all the rage right now, they loved the idea of an illustrated photo-backdrop to take wacky pictures against!! This was a great project to do and I loved the idea of one of my illustrations being part of a cool wedding!

I was travelling at the time, so I couldn’t do it live for them – instead, we opted for a digital print I sent online, they printed it out on canvas – stuck it onto a board and voila! It worked just as well!

I drew a cartoon- like illustration straight from my tablet onto photoshop making sure it was very very high res so that it could be blown up really huge, and wouldn’t get pixilated. Then I had to calculate a few measurements to guess the accuracy of the size of the “heads” so they’d fit nice and snug when the guests stick their heads in!

Check out a few of these photos to see how it all looked at the event!!!
Screen shot 2013-05-19 at 7.13.23 PM

946566_548352205215122_1850767802_n copy

Dot the i’s is an amazing event planning service and I adore their tasteful wedding settings and themes. Take a look at some more beautiful photos of the work they have done for other Dubai weddings. Stunning and dreamlike!!!




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